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Being a member of the Border Fine Arts Society really is the best way to get the most out of your collection, whether it’s finding out about latest releases, or learning more about how our figurines are made.

Membership includes An Introduction to Border Fine Arts, a twenty-page magazine explaining our history, craftspeople and figurines and two issues of our Society magazine The Borderer in spring and autumn.
Each issue gives you an insight into new figurines and the subject matter they portray. Included in these mailings are our product catalogues for the Classic and BFA Studio & Character ranges, for which you will receive a full product catalogue at the start of the year and updates to the ranges at mid-year.

You also have the option to buy our exclusive annual Member-only Figurine for 2014/2015,
A Gentle Moment and to take part in our Seek ‘n’ Sell database where you can communicate with fellow Society Members and find that old and elusive Border Fine Arts figurine you have wanted, or sell a figurine, to make room for a new one. We also offer you a special painting service where you can commission personalisation to our current figurines and there are loyalty awards for longstanding members.

Not a Member?

For just £25.00 per year (UK membership), or £32.00 per year (Overseas membership), you will receive our current Annual Symbol of Membership,
Secret Store, which is handmade in Langholm and sculpted by Ray Ayres.

And there’s no need to delay. You can join today via this site, simply click on the 'Join the Society' button above.
(Your membership will run for a full 12 or 24 months from the month of joining.)