Welcome to Border Fine Arts

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Forty years ago Border Fine Arts was founded in an eighteenth-century farmhouse in Langholm — in the very heart of Borders countryside. From then on Borders farms, wildlife and country scenes along with the breathtaking landscapes of rolling hills and sparkling streams have provided inspiration for a team of talented sculptors and artists which, since 1977, has included master sculptor Ray Ayres.

Quality and attention to detail is as important to all three Border Fine Arts brands today as it was back in 1974, when the first figurines — then made from bronze and silver — were created.

Classic is the brand’s flagship range and comprises mainly limited edition sculptures that are completely made and painted by hand in Scotland. Realism is especially important to these figurines and every subject, whether a native Borders species, an African elephant or even a horse from America’s Wild West, is thoroughly researched to ensure total authenticity before sculpting begins.

The Studio collection offers variety ranging from traditional themes such as farming, wildlife and pets to character ranges that reveal a light-hearted and comical approach to design. Again sculptors and designers are meticulous in their approach, particularly for licensed ranges such as Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh.

BFA Contemporary, the third brand, concentrates on creating humorous and stylish gifts for every occasion and home décor to suit every lifestyle.
With an eye to the latest in modern design, ranges include bright, colourful and witty products as well as sleek and avant-garde concepts.